Thing 19: Exploring Reference Management Tools Online

26 Nov. In the last couple of years I have heard quite  a bit about reference management tools. Thanks to my education at the University of Warwick – I was introduced to EndNote and EndNote Web (besides many other skills). It’s then I created an account for EndNote Web, which I still have and occasionally use.

This year I was introduced to mostly to RefWorks and EndNote, but mention also was made of Zotero, Mendeley, Colwiz, Papers, etc. So many of them. After going through the Bodleian Blog 23 Things for Research, I guess Mendeley would be  a good Reference Manager. That’s what I have begun with, though for now I shall continue to use EndNote Web, till I am able to connect the two.

In the meantime, Zotero -the free manager- seems to have some good features like organisation, search pdf, annotation, quotations, access of library from anywhere (like in EndNote Web), etc.

Mendeley is also does not seem to be  a bad option with its free and good features. One difficulty with these free softwares is either you buy their ‘pro’ version paying hefty sums, or have a limited feature software! I am sure it needs lots of time to try all these and compare! 

And then there is colwiz! My Jesus! The looks of itself inhibits me! No, I will not try it out, at least for now! (:-

For now, I will continue to use the free-to-use Endnote Web, and then try wither Mendeley or Zotero. But sure it will take some time.




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