Sonia Singh, NDTV’s Editorial Director, tells Supriya Sharma that a woman must have the choice of deciding what information goes public and that the gravity of sexual assault can be reported without explicit details.

What was your approach in reporting the Tehelka case? What were the ethical considerations you kept in mind?  

At first, when the news came in of Tarun resigning, an instinctive reaction was why get into it, must be an HR issue. However, people at NDTV began getting calls from friends at Tehelka. As soon as it became known it was a case of sexual assault, I felt very strongly that this is an issue where there cannot be, in any sense, different standards for the media. Instead, the fact that it happened in the media made it even more important that we must cover this impartially, and with as much robustness as we would cover any other case like this in any other profession. Remember, this happened just after the intern harassment by an ex-Supreme Court judge and


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