Protecting Online Identity

30 Nov. Now, this is something new: worth-knowing about and using, too.

I have no bank accounts or secret codes to store in my emails; thank God, my lifestyle, affiliation, options, and their demands don’t permit me to. Disadvantages of not having a bank card, also make life (specially online-life) so much more secure, easy, and peaceful! As for my email passwords and social networks passwords – I have relatively secure system of logins. 

But in spite of all the complicated passwords, hackers are much more intelligent than an ordinary user like me. That’s why I find Dan Q, Web & CMS Developer for the Bodleian Libraries as well as Technical Director of Three Rings post on two-stage online protection very useful.

Hence, I had no hesitation in using this 2-factor authentication! For all of my online accounts! Probably the toughest was LinkedIn. I just don’t know where the  ‘menu’s are, and why they make it so difficult to change settings! I will try it again, sometime later!

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