Thing 21 2013: Using Doodle and other online scheduling tools

03 Dec. I thought it’s just another calendar to remind me of events; no, it’s not so! Doodle is a bit of quite fun!

I had to create an account in to create and send out polls! Some fake polls (on my planned Canterbury visit next week), of course, just to see the results of doodle polls. That adds one more “account” to my list of accounts! By the end of this year, I will have almost “all” sorts of accounts, except the all important account! (:-

Let’s see when and if these select friends of mine will respond to the doodle poll or if they understand the fun behind it!

One sad part of this poll is I can’t integrate doodle schedule into my gmail calendar for free, which I use regularly to schedule events and myself! It requires a premium Doodle service to connect to google calendar and iCloud! And I won’t sign up for some more calendars like outlook or iCal or ICS feed. So, bye to it!

As I await the test-poll results on Doodle, I guess, it will be a good tool in researching, specially for me from media academics and research background!


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