Thing 22 2013: Google Docs and Dropbox

Ever since I lost my important data -because my disc got corrupted- I started storing my every file in my email box! That was at least 12-13 years ago! I was a yahoo email user, then.

Then -when later gmail debuted- I created an account in gmail, and later found it had this ‘google documents’ option to store data which was more or less like uploading files to email box and accessing them anywhere, but a bit more: here all documents would be stored together in the ‘uploaded order’, as in a hard drive! No other mails to distract.

I must admit, I have used this feature only to store my documents, and not to share files or group-edit them; but I have downloaded and edited files uploaded and shared by others: during my days with Community Radio SARANG 107.8FM at St Aloysius College, I used to update the SARANG data for Government’s files via google documents. CEMCA used to -to make our job easier- create documents and send all the community radio operators in India to edit their own ‘radio’ information and thus update for ease and speed!

I have not created an account on Dropbox; and don’t intend to create one. But I have accessed a few films sent by a friend of mine via Dropbox!
I guess there are a variety of other options which I already use regularly, like google drive/ documents,, Evernote, etc., I don’t feel the need to create one more.

I am a regular and avid user of Evernote since my Warwick University days; while attending a workshop on ‘note taking’ there, a participant had mentioned about this note-taking software. Since then I have been using it regularly to classify and take down notes, write my own notes/ essays, articles, to attach files (even books in my favourite photos, word & pdf format!), to carry directions to places, ready-references, even carry passwords and codes, etc! Of course, I intend share it! You don’t expect that! No risks! yeah?


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