Cambridge Photos and the 23 Things for Research

It was fun in Cambridge! After returning, I edited those pictures quickly with a short-cut (!), and uploaded them to my blog with some captions, a few to facebook (just a sample) with my blog-post link, and then this morning to (all of them!).
In the meantime, you remember I had done some mischief with doodle poll, google docs (drive), and Dropbox as part of Thing 21 and Thing 22? It worked – the doodle calendar. I received two of their response within 15 minutes! One understood the fun, and said ‘yes’ to Canterbury. The other responded in a similar manner, and emailed to say ‘thanks’ for sharing the google drive file! Well, he was supposed to correct it!
The two more recipients of doodle calendar (yea, only four recipients in total), did not respond. One of them asked me yesterday in person, what it was all about! I said, ‘it’s fun!’
Now waiting for thing 23, the final frontier of the Bodleian blog on 23 Things for Research!


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