My Film Dept.: University of Warwick, UK

10 Dec. The Department of Film and Television Studies at the University of Warwick will always be special to me. Yesterday I paid a short visit, probably the last one! Two special places at the Warwick: Dept of Film & TV Studies and also the much visited library!
To my bad luck none of my favourite staff members were there: Dr Jose Arroyo, Prof. Martin Pumphrey or Prof Stephen Gundle. Then in the library: Mr Richard Perkins!
I said a hell to Dr Alastair Phillips, and also to two of the office staff: Tracey and Anne Birchal.
And then, I had to come back!
The film project at the door to welcome Film & TV Studies enthusiasts:

Nothing to do with my Department, but with today’s visit to Little Venice:
St John Wood

Corridors of Film & Television:

The long corridors of my Film Department: Ground Floor where some of the staff rooms are located!

Film & Television Dept:

Not quite a part of the Department; but I visited it today – Little Venice/ Rembrandt Garden:
Little Venice


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