PM’s sharpest attack on Narendra Modi: ‘someone who presided over mass massacre’

New Delhi: In his strongest comments so far on the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate, Dr Manmohan Singh today said, “It would be disastrous for the country to have Narendra Modi as Prime Minister.” He went on to describe Mr Modi as “someone who has presided over a mass massacre.”

Dr Manmohan Singh’s sharp critique of Mr Modi came after he ruled out a third term for himself even if the Congress wins the national election, due by May.

Last month, a court in Gujarat ruled that Mr Modi will not be prosecuted for his alleged complicity in the riots that lacerated his home state in 2002, leaving over 1000 people dead, most of them Muslims.

The court agreed with a report that said there was no evidence to prove that Mr Modi, in his first term as Gujarat chief minister, had fanned the communal violence in collaboration with other members of his government, bureaucrats and police officers.

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