Rego’s Media Page and the 3000th Post

16 Feb. It’s a great feeling to be posting this 3000th post. Actually this is the 3001st post, though! And what else can I blog about other than 3000th post itself!? Blogging!

I started blogging in 2005; that was on blogger ( After the first year or so, I found blogspot to be a bit uncomfortable: not user-friendly, fewer options for the blogger, and many “fewer” things.

Then in late 2006, I discovered the WordPress, and found it better than blogspot. When I created a blog on the WordPress, I had four blogs on two platforms – one each on Blogger and WordPress, and one each for myself and for my former department at St Aloysius College, Mangalore.

From 2007 on, I gave up blogspot all together, with a disclaimer (both the blogs still exist, and I get an occasional comment on them!)
Ever since blogging has been my (sort-of-)passion! There are days I posted 5-6 posts a day, times like the unfortunate death of Loy Fernandes -my students and a fellow Jesuit- by drowning in 2006; mainline media used to take news from my blog. After that local pages of newspapers (mostly English), started taking the College news from my blog; I was happy, even though they did not give credit to the blog. The blog was serving its purpose.

Sometimes, blogging took a lot of my time and energy; and I had to curtail my blogging-instincts. And I did, giving importance to “first-things-first”. And on those days my regular visitors missed it, and they said so! It was nice to be missed.

With all the publicity and PR it generated for Jesuits and the College, there were times when people found fault with it. (No more about it, please!)

And then, there were a few sensitive posts, in the context of the right-wing attack on churches in Karnataka, in September 2008, after the first BJP government came to power in South India, in Karnataka. Post “attacks”, and to an outsider, these posts look a bit too critical; but for the community which was the first-hand victim of these unprovoked attacks, there was no way to express their hurt feelings; the BJP government led by B.S. Yeddyurappa was the culprit (as in Gujarat in the 2002 Godhra-killings of Muslims), and the mass media was accomplice with the right-wing forces. I myself (while clicking photographs of the police attacks on 14 September 2008 in Milagres) had escaped a huge stone pelted at the Adoration Monastery by the police! A lady who had come to worship in the Monastery, was hit in her eye by the same stone! Imagine my fear and shock!
So, in the given context, were the posts too harsh?

Be that as it may, it’s been blogging and expressing my views, carrying the news of my environment, and
providing a platform for media-related issues.
The blog has witnessed a massive support from my readers: 2,71,000+ visitors so far to a private blog and 3000 posts are no mean achievement! It has built bridges between the blogger and visitors from unknown territories! That is a big plus.

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