Thing 23: 23 Things for Research at Bodleian Blogs, Oxford

27 Feb. To complete one last of the 23 Things for Research, did I take two months? Yes! Not unintended though. I did complete all the 22 Things in time. But the 23rd thing deserved  a longer work out to actually see how have the first 22 things helped me in my daily life as  a student and a researcher.

Some of the 23 Things like blogging, google drive, calendar, facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, youtube, googledocs, flickr, aggregators, and a few other things have been regulars with me, but quite a few of the Things have been very useful to me.

But a few more Things like using them (Twitter, LinkedIn, etc) for research, or a variety of aggregators (Well, I had not heard of scoopedia, and now I scoop daily, and its effect is seen on my twitter handle!) or surveys/invites are new; and I do use them. Probably, when I start my next research project in a few months’ time, this will be a useful too. though I have a (, I don’t send it to anyone (but there are few people who come to it searching; no problem, with it!)

Though I have used dropbox a few times, I don’t think I will use it. Doodle is something new; after the 23 Things, I tried it once (without integrating with other tools, though), and it 

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