One Year of Pope Francis

13 Mar. A year ago, many of us were eagerly waiting for the man who would be the ‘next pope’, after the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI in February 2013. Media had projected its own list candidates to papacy from Italy to America to Canada to Africa to Brazil to Philippenes. But none thought, this man (a radical who was supposedly the “runners up” during the 2004 papal conclave) would be the unexpected choice to head the Catholic Church, of 1.2 billion Faithful owing allegiance to the traditional chair of St Peter. Not just 1.2 billion Catholics, but many more billions who care for human dignity, respect and freedom. And the voice of almost all those who cherish compassion and care.
Pope Francis Vinicio Riva

Pope Francis - friend of the poor
Pope Francis – friend of the poor

The one year of meaningful papacy is a time to thank God for His kindness to human race. It is a sign that God still loves the world! Congratulations Dear Pope Francis. Ad multos annos! May God bless you; may your mission of humble leadership and service bear fruit and show itself in the world today.


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