St Joseph’s College (Autonomous) Bangalore – Admissions

25 March. It’s admission time at St Joseph’s College (Autonomous), Bangalore (SJC).
Recently we were recognised as the College of Excellence (only one of the NINE Colleges in the entire country; and only one of the two in Karnataka). That excellence is shown in the response students have shown us, too.

MS Communication, St Joseph's College (Autonomous), Bangalore
St Joseph’s College (Autonomous), Bangalore

This year, -if you are seeking admission for UG (Bachelors) or PG (Masters) programmes- you will have to apply ONLY online. And then print the application and post/ drop in at SJC.
Some of our programmes (both Bachelors and Masters) have entrance tests followed by personal interviews. Hence, you need to be really good enough (or at least focused enough) to make the cut.
For example, Masters in Mass Communicaiton (MS Communication – two-year Post Graduate programme) and the three year Bachelors in Visual Communication (BVC) are inundated with applications, ALREADY!
The first round of entrance tests will be in mid-April. Only the successful candidates will be invited for personal interviews.
You will also find the same link from the College portal (which is being re-designed; but don’t worry about that; the “old” portal is good enough!)
Are you worried about entrance test? Simple: just be familiar with world around you – what the media say (print, broadcast, web). Be alert. Doesn’t matter if you have not done so far; at least now on! And of course, the resolve to hold your nerve till the end.
If you need only a certificate, this is not the place for you!
There are many other “in demand” courses like MSW (Masters in Social Work), Bachelors EJP (English – Journalism-Psychology), etc. And what more! You will see half the number of all our teaching staff with research credentials, and wonderful teaching-learning atmosphere!
Good luck!

40 thoughts on “St Joseph’s College (Autonomous) Bangalore – Admissions

  1. dear sir,
    please help me with the filling of the online application form. i don’t know why it is not being done. i want to apply for bachelor in visual communications. please help me with that, I’ll be really thankful.

  2. Shivani, you are right, there is a hitch: applications are not yet open! It will take probably ten more days! Most probably the site will open on 02 March for application.

  3. Which entrance exam do you refer to? In my post I referred to two different entrance tests: MA in Journalism & Communication (which was formerly called MS Communication) and BA (Visual Arts or Visual Communication) -which was so far called BVC or Bachelor of Visual Communication. In fact, there is another set of two more entrance tests – B.Voc (Visual Media and Film Making) and B.Voc. (Digital Media and Animation).

  4. What should I prepare for the visual communication (bachelors) entrance on 12th, expecting a quick reply since I don’t have much time left and I’ve already left for bangalore to appear on 12th

  5. There is no specific syllabus to prepare on. The entrance test simply tests your ability to understanding of visuals, current visual practices (films, television, photographs, pictures, cartoons, social media, visual formats, coding, etc.) and you aptitude to create/ visualise.

  6. It is difficult to say. I guess you will have to come “just like that”. It is a question of how much attitude and aptitude you have without preparation!
    If this is not sufficient, you may contact the English Department.

  7. I don’t know. To the extent I know, all the lists are released, admissions done & closed, and classes begun two weeks ago.

  8. sir i would like to know whether the college has a coaching classes for AIPMT or AIIMs in puc , cause i am still in 10 and i would like to join sjc

  9. I have applied for EPS course and it’s more than 2 weeks I have got any further information regarding interview or anything. What should I do now?

  10. Sir, I came from Andhra I am selected for (regular ) in 2016,I am looking for hostel which is in the campus , is there any possibility to get hostel to me?

  11. Dear sir, I came from Andhra
    I am selected for in 2016 I am looking for hostel but I come to know that hostels are closed,is there any possibility to me to get hostel?

  12. Sir in udupi just know graduation exam i came to join for MA in mass communication..but admision was closed early?so what i can do?

  13. If you are in Bangalore, please contact the Office (next to the Computer Science Department & behind Principal’s office).
    According to me, it is not closed yet. There may be some hope.

  14. It could mean two things –
    1) you are not selected.
    2) a remote possibility of the office making a mistake/ missing out. Please call the office, with all your application details and find out.

  15. Oh! I missed that. Exam pattern for EJP?
    Now it is too late if you have not got an admission. And irrelevant if you have.
    I leave it at that. oK?

  16. How is course B.Com (Industry Integrated). Are these students selected through campus placements? What about girls hostel for this course?

  17. Only students can answer that question – how is the course.
    Your second question – is about “campus placement” after UG or admitting students to do B.Com.?
    SJC doesn’t run a girls hostel for now; though there are quite a few PGs close by

  18. Sir, I’m a science student and I’ve decided for a switch to study journalism. I want to apply in sjc, but I’m worried about my admission because of my transition from science. Are science students given admission?. And i don’t have any friends or family members who have taken up journalism so I would appreciate your advice on the subjects for the course.
    Hope to receive your reply early.

  19. There is no problem with studying any subject at the UG level to do Masters/ PG in Journalism and Mass Communication, as long you have a good second class (for legal requirement), and do well in the Entrance Exam as well as in the interview, in case you are selected after the written entrance test.
    There is no need to have anyone among your family, friends and acquaintences for you to do well. It is simply a question of your motivation and hard work. In fact, in general, science students do much better in Journalism and Mass Communication, for some reason!
    The initially important thing is to prepare well for the test, followed by interview. Read newspapers/ news websites/ news channels and be familiar with what is happening in the world around you. Most of the entrance test will test this! Try to learn as much about the world and this course, from whichever source you can. And you can be sure to do well.
    Good luck

  20. Thank you very much sir ,your reply really helped and i feel encouraged, I will tune into the news and current affairs around the world . Thanks again.

  21. Hello sir,
    Thank you for replying earlier. Sir, can you give me a suggestion on which course would be the best to choose in sjc for pursuing journalism . And when is the entrance test this year?.

  22. Which course is the best! That’s the most difficult question to answer. Probably, only you can answer for yourself – depending on your interest and ability. You can do journalism with any and every course. Depends what you are capable of and what you want out of it.

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