3 must-have skills to join top media schools

31 March. I was looking for a simple post which will tell my future students (and also reiterate to the current ones) what are the minimum basic skills they need to possess before they get started. Here I found one by Sunil Saxena:

It is that time of the year again when media schools will start looking for a new group of students. All of them realize that the quality of their programme depends on the quality of the student. They will not earn the respect of the industry if their pass outs are sub-standard.

The big challenge therefore is: how to get the right student. The three skills that the top media schools in India look for, and which the students should possess, are:

1. Language
The most important is language skills. The students must be able to write clean copy if they have to work in Print or New Media. There should be no spelling issues, and no grammar or syntax problems. Media schools that lower the bar in their desperation to fill the class are doing a great injustice to the students. In the case of television the writing skills are relatively less important because much of the storytelling is done through visuals. But even here they cannot be ignored.

So, if you aspire to join a media school you should check your language proficiency first. Join an English language media course if you have strong English language skills. In case, you are strong in Hindi then join a Hindi media programme. Don’t make the mistake of believing that your language will improve over time. You will end up getting disillusioned and disheartened.

2. General awareness
The students must be aware of what is happening around them. One of the common complaints is that the students of today do not read newspapers, and lack general awareness. This is why media schools include a paper on general knowledge. They want to be certain that their students are well informed.

They are right. If you want to join a media school you must be driven by a desire to know more and more about your city, your state, your country. If current affairs don’t interest you, then don’t join a media school.

3. Technology
The media schools realize the importance of technology. No newsroom – be it Print, New Media or Television – can claim to be state-of-the-art unless it has the latest technology, and its editors and reporters know how to use them. One of the important qualities that media schools now look in their students is computer proficiency.

So, if you want to join a media school you should upgrade your computer skills. You will be valued more if you know more than mere word processing. Most important, you should be open to learn all kinds of technology that is thrown on you.



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