Entrance Test – MS Communication

04 April. A rare experience – to hold an entrance test for Master of Science in Communication, at St Joseph’s College, Autonomous. 

Since, this year, there is a huge rush for Mass Communication, we had to schedule an extra entrance test – both written and personal interview.

We don’t expect our candidates to know everything about mass communication. That is for sure! The questions were framed in such a way as to know if the aspirants are aware of the minimum events/ happenings of the world around. That would tell us if the aspirants read newspapers or watch television news channels or visit news websites. 

The questions had two distinct parts: objective: multiple choice questions (MCQ), fill in the blanks, one word/phrase answers, as well as short essays to know their language,writing skills and attitudinal aspects. so it is not just information from news sources but also about their expression and openness/ mental aspects! 

We shortlisted 25% of the examinees for personal interviews: only those really very good ones! Only those who had scored 60% above in our entrance test. This was a step further to the short essays they had written: once again to see how we look at them  in terms of their preparedness to take up the Mass Communication programme. 

Finally we came up with seven candidates in this first selection list! 

Well, those selected for the personal interviews, need not lose hope: on 28/4 and 18/5, we will have another chance for them. Following those two more tests, we will update our website if today’s candidate can take one more interview (if not written tests!). 

We had an entrance test for BVC (Bachelors in Visual Communication or VisComm), too. But since most of their results of qualifying exams will be declared only in May, we were not in a hurry. Today’s test was meant for those few in an extreme hurry (with 11th Standard marks). And there, we selected 66% (once again, single digit students!)

So, look up!


3 thoughts on “Entrance Test – MS Communication

  1. Good Morning Father Rego,

    My name is Manish, graduated from MES College with a degree in Psychology, Journalism and English literature, I took up the entrance test on the 28th of april for MS Communication. I also was shortlisted for a personal interview, after which I was “waitlisted”.
    By the looks of how my personal interview went, I have very less hope of making it through. So I Request you to please suggest me if i can take up another entrance test thats on the 18th may. So that i can get another chance to study under your guidance.

    Thanks in advance

    Manish S

  2. Dear Manish, sorry about that. I know it is not the best feeling.
    Most probably another entrance test is not possible. But will check it out and get back to you to tell if another test/interview is possible. Please give me some time.

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