DD to Grill Political Parties

06 Apr. It is time to switch over to the Public Broadcaster. To know what is news, how to conduct political discourse more politely, control your (both the anchors’ and speakers’) tempers, moderate your decibels, and be seen as “cultured” (well, I mean no malice, please!). 



A time to switch over from blah blah of private 24×7 News channels, the likes of Arnab Goswamy, Rajdeep Sardesai, Rahul Kanwar, and all their ilk, to the traditional, old, but sedate and better-mannered Door Darshan. 



Above all, a time to avoid paid-news! See how it is done! At this time of election and fast-buck!



Door Darshan National (DD) and DD Chandana will be hosting a debate between Mass Communication Students, St Joseph’s College Bangalore and political parties (for now, six of them) on Monday (7/4/14) at St Joseph’s College (Autonomous) Bangalore. Also joining will be our own Political Science, Economics, English and a few select others, besides some more from outside. 


Participation by invitation only – on ‘on the spot’ entrants!


Preparations are already on – with tents, chairs, lights, etc being set up for tomorrow’s debate! 


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