Finally, Narendra Modi is Married

10 Apr. Finally, India’s prime minister-in-waiting is married!

He was bachelor till today (10 April 2014), till he HAD to file affidavit, a mandatory requirement for any political aspirant. And God alone knows, how is it that he was not married during all the past elections! The rules were the same!

Jashodaben, had long before made herself public has Modi’s wife, who was discarded by the ambitious Gujarat Chief Minister, always busy campaigning outside Gujarat! But Modi had kept a surreptitious silence. And the truth had to float! It has.

Earlier, in the week, during his election campaign, Mr Modi had claimed that he was not corrupt, he did not need to be for anyone’s sake (he meant he had no family to look after), since he was a bachelor! And within three days of his tall claim, he is married, and even discarded his legitimate wife!

One more thing: why did Modi had a woman from Bangalore stalked? The direct culprit, who let loose the Gujarat state police for this cheap and personal job for the sake of “his master” was Amith Shah, Modi’s most intimate aide. Mr Shah is now in-charge of Uttar Pradesh (India’s biggest state in terms of population – 200 million- and parliamentary seats – 80), where he made inflammatory statements to ‘avenge’ the September 2013 Muzaffar Nagar communal riots!

After, Modi’s “mandatory” disclosures, we have not yet heard from Amith Shah. Not even Modi has spoken. Modi has spoken only through his brother’s mouth. It’s the only thing Modi has kept quiet about in the last few years!

And yet, we have a prime minister in waiting! Can anyone count his bluffs and blunders and fake bravado?

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