Vacation is busier than term-time!

24 Apr. Vacations have always been the busiest time for me. All those works and ideas which  I keep aside during the term-time (as the British would say), start cropping up forcefully during vacation. These seem to think, I have nothing else to do (as many others think!)

Never mind. It’s fun to keep oneself as busy as one can. Even semester exams are over, so are time-and-patience-consuming valuations. Had to supervise a few third valuations and Reviews, too, besides facilitating a few external (second) valuers. The College Office eagerly waiting to announce results! That’s this weekend!

Setting question papers for entrance test of our MS Communication (PG) and Bachelors in Visual Communication (BVC) itself is time-consuming. Over and above that we have three rounds of those tests! One is over; the second is on Sunday (27/4) – for which the question paper is already set and arrangements are almost done. The third one will come on 18/05. 

Designing another Bachelor’s programme in Visual Media is over. But for this I had to do a lot of networking, brainstorming with industry people and academicians and work out both a tentative syllabus and budget, along with a timeline-plan. Oh! Even that is done and submitted; now -as I am working on some more programmes- am keeping my fingers crossed, awaiting my turn at the UGC, New Delhi, to justify the submitted-proposal.

In the meantime, it was nice coordinating with Mr Akshay Kumar and his team to design something else on entertainment, and Mr Kiran Jeevan (who worked with Dr Subhashini) for Community College. 

Two Departments of Communication (PG – MS Comm and UG – BVC) are combined to make one Department of Communication. Papers for teaching in UG and PG are allocated for the next academic year, taking into consideration the expertise of the faculty, availability of the industry (visiting) staff, and some adjunct faculty.  Time-table is ready too (that’s a real test!)

And then you have students (in their quest for studying Mass Comm/ Vis Comm) coming with their parents to meet Your Truly and discuss. Recruitment of the new staff (both of Dept of Communication and some other Departments in the College) is over. Mass Comm and Vis Comm have two new full-time teaching faculty with a new Technical (Studio) Assistant. And of course, if all goes well, the students will have their plates full for the next academic year! Sure, they know what a full-time Mass Comm programme means – be it PG or UG! [Must know that looks “cool” before joining the course, is actually really hot!]

In the last couple of weeks I had quite a few fruitful one-on-one networking sessions with industry as well as experts on placements, internships, and “exchange” of talent. It’s been great! The latest three were today: it started with a meeting with one of our visiting staff from the industry (Mr Tyagaraj Sharma, The Statesman:  worked out a detailed plan for student recruitment and industry liaison. Then, as Mr John Thomas suggested, went to Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram for the SIGNIS meeting (not so much for the meeting, but to meet and liaise with the industry, catch up with old friends from the industry). Fortunately, today’s both experts are our alumni (of different Joseph’s Institutions).  Caught up with Bansy Kalappa (News 9) and Mr Manoharan (M&M Connect)! What a pleasant surprise it was! He loved it too (thanks to LinkedIn!) It was such a wonderful moment!


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