Writing CV for a Job

Here I cross-posting some good advice for those interested at applying for jobs. It is from Raaz Gee’s Facebook post, through Mr John Thomas. It is worth keeping these tips in mind all the time.

I’m writing this post for freshers: 
A few things one must keep in mind when applying for internships and before interviews:
1. Rename your CV with your name. Eg. SURAJ SHARMA CV The HR will not sift through the tonnes of CVs with random names to find you. 
2. Write a proper subject line. Write a cover letter in the body of the email. No one hires a candidate who is so lazy that they can’t write a cover letter. DO NOT use SMS slang.
3. When you are called for an interview, take a copy of the CV in a FILE along with you.
4. Groom yourself. Do not go for a interview looking like a mess. 
If you are a girl, iron out the hair/ tie it up, wear some make up, smile. A pleasant appearance has done harm to no one.
If you are a boy, look neat, shave.
In both cases, some perfume and deo right before the interview won’t kill you.
5. THE MOST IMPORTANT: In the interview, show willingness to learn. We keep meeting candidates who are so dull. Like they are coming in straight from a funeral. Show liveliness, positivity. Young people who want to learn are always welcomed by organizations.

Please keep your arrogance at home before coming for the interview. All the best. Do well 

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