19 June. It was expected with the BJP coming to power. And it is happening! Now face it for the price of it! 

This is not the first time. On the day Modi’s victory rally was taken in Mangalore, two mosques were attacked. On the next day, two more churches in Mangalore-Udupi were attacked. And now in Chattishgarh. 

Constitutional, secular, and democratic, fibre of India is changing fast; this time in the name of “democracy”!

———— Now to the reading ———–

Christians attacked, hospitalized in Chhattisgarh 

Bastar district

New Delhi: Ten Christians have been hospitalized in Chhattisgarh after they were attacked by suspected Hindu radicals, according to information reaching the national capital.

The All India Christian Council (AICC) Thursday announced that the ecumenical lay organization is conducting an independent probe into the incident that occurred the previous day in a village in Bastar district.

The council received a message from Debendra Singh, a pastor of Apostolic Christian Assembly based at Odisha’s Jeypore, that the Christians were attacked in Nabadiguda, a village some 40 km from Jagdalpur. He said a group of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh activists from the same village attacked the Christians.

The victims have been admitted to Jagdalpur Government Hospital where the condition of four was stated to be serious requiring special care.

According to the pastor, the RSS group had demanded that the Christians convert back to Hinduism that the victims refused. The Hindu radicals had earlier allegedly taken away the Christians’ ration cards and asked them to leave the village.

Singh quoted another pastor based in Chhattisgarh that four persons were severely injured. “Since they are poor, the patients are not able to move to better hospital,” his note to AICC said.




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  1. The problem with this country is that nobody wants to hear a word against him even if he is wrong. I mean the man has his merits but he’s not beyond criticism. Some of his followers are extremely abusive . I really hope after 5 years India still believes in the idea of ‘unity in diversity’ coz’ for now the diversity part is being squashed. People are slowly turning communal. It disgusts me. Words like ‘liberal’ and ‘secular’ have become some sort of cuss words. Sad

    This is a nice post.

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