Growing Popularity of Animation Education in India

Courtesy: Mr John Thomas
This year saw over 22,00,000 students appearing for the Under-Grad exams across India. For years now, most Indian students, who have completed their under-graduation, have taken up the studies of Engineering or Medicine,especially the former because of the popular Information Technology(IT) industry in India and also because the latter has become very expensive. Commerce, as a stream for graduation, has been a less popular choice and Arts, as a subject for graduation, has been looked upon as a choice for mostly the “dull-heads” or “rebels”. Animation, being categorized under Arts, was not even considered a subject of “real education”. But the positive development over the past few years has been the tremendous increase in the number of students taking up vocational education such as Animation and Design.In fact, it’s a pleasant surprise for us at Animaster Academy, when we see students and parents enthusiastically attending counselling sessions to learn more about the Animation industry. The reasons for this are aplenty, some important ones are discussed below.
One of the major reasons for the soaring popularity of Animation education is the enormous growth of the Animation industry itself. With the global animation market valued at almost $240 billion and the Indian Animation industry valued at $120 million, the industry is going great guns. This, along with anestimated creation of 40,000 jobs in the next 4 years, is a promise of a secure future. Now, who would not want to invest their future in such a sunshine domain?
Another major development has been the inception of several degree programs in Animation and Design. So, one does not just do a course in Animation, but also earns a degree from a reputed university at the end of it. The status of a “degree program” given to Animation education has prompted several students to pursue their passion in Animation.Additionally, there are colleges that also offer specialization in subjects such as Gaming, VFX and Graphic Design.
The starting salary of an Animator is around Rs.15,000 per month in India. This is almost close to what an average IT job pays at entry level. The scope for growth in Animation is also positive and the Indian animation industry has produced many illustrious animators who have earned global repute. Most importantly, it gives one the promise of a career that can never be mundane and can provide creative satisfaction. This, in comparison to an IT job that has been criticized for being uninspiring and stagnating, is a respite for many.
The popularity of animated movies such as Frozen, Brave, the Despicable Me series, Planes, The Croods, in India, has put the Animation industry in the spotlight in the country. Also, Chhota Bheem, a phenomenally popular Indian animated television series that has penetrated its influence in markets such as merchandise, stationery,etc.,has given a big boost to the Indian Animation industry. Big corporations in India acknowledge the importance of Animation as a strategic field and are open to support Animation and its education in the country.
The domain of Animation is blooming and is here to stay. It is evolving as you read this and is going to surprise us with many more innovative offerings. The once-fragmented Indian Animation industry is coming together. Animation, in India, is seen as one of the key domains for international alliances.
With all these developments happening in the Animation industry, it is least surprising that students want to become cool Animators, instead of engineers and doctors. Animation is the current flavor of this admission season in India.

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