St Joseph’s College Autonomous, Bangalore, is launching two brand new Under Graduate programmes (B.Voc. or Bachelor of Vocation) this month-end.  Both the programmes are three-year degree programmes (sanctioned and partly financed by UGC), and with a welcome difference: if a student wants to quit the course after a year, s/he can still leave with a Diploma, and after completing two years, with an Advance Diploma! And of course, new students can join after the first or second year for equivalent diplomas, after proving that they are good enough to straight-away join the second or third year!
While B.Voc. (Visual Media and Filmmaking – VMF) aims to make students proficient in Photography in the first year (with other related film skills like Script writing), it will focus on Cinematography and Editing in the second year (with sound design), the third year lays foundation for direction, documentary, short film and music video making,  and project execution
The second UG programme or B.Voc. (Digital Media and Animation – DMA) focuses on Graphic Design in the first year (and photography), 2-D Animation (and Sound Recording), and 3-D Animation, Modelling and Project and Budget Management. In addition the General Modules will train students in theatrics and histrionics, story-telling, communication skills, social media, and folk media (closely related with animation and visual story-telling like cinema/animation).
Here is the College announcement:
B. Voc. (Visual Media & Film Making)
B.Voc. (Digital Media & Animation)
St. Joseph\’s College Autonomous, Bangalore is launching two new under-graduate Degree courses ((Bachelor of Vocation): B. Voc. (Visual Media and Film-making) and B. Voc. (Digital Media and Animation), approved and sanctioned by UGC, New Delhi.
The college is inviting applications for the new courses.
Important Dates:
Admissions are  open online 
The selected candidates wills have to face Personal Interviews 
Classes commence on 30th June, 2014
Admission Procedure:
You have to submit applications online. If you have any difficulties, please come to the College and we will help you in filling up applications online after you pay Rs. 300/- at the Reception. You will need documents like marks cards and soft copy of your passport-size photograph.
You will have to submit a new application, even if you had applied for any other course earlier.
Course details and Prospects:
These courses aim to help you become confident and proficient and job-ready in components like Photography, Cinematography, Editing, and Documentary/Music Videos, etc (B.Voc.- Visual Media & Filmmaking) or Graphic Design, 2-D Animation, or 3-D Modelling and Animation (B.Voc.- Digital Media & Animation)
Please remember, these are Bachelor\’s course like BVC (Visual Communication). The difference is that the two new B.Voc programmes are much focused, and are industry-oriented. You can leave the course at the end of any year, with a Diploma (after completing one year) or Advanced Diploma (after completing two years) or Bachelor\’s degree (after completing three full years successfully).
For any clarification, you may contact the Head of the Department of Communication, Rev Fr Richard Rego SJ or the College office.
Course Fee: Rs. 35,000/- per year
But you need to get your complete portfolio, if you have.

16 thoughts on “BACHELOR OF VOCATION (B. VOC.) DEGREE COURSES – Film-making and Animation

  1. Is lateral entry possy for the next year sir if someone has done a certificate course or have experience in film making with certificate course ???

  2. Yes, it is possible. You can join the second year or third year directly.
    But if you thinking of a B.Voc degree (under graduation), we need to look into the subjects you have studied so far in the first year. Only then you can get a 3-year degree.
    But the UGC is looking into incorporating the credits you have accumulated elsewhere in to our B.Voc programmes.
    But even if that takes time, you can join 2nd & 3rd years for an authorised Diploma or advanced diploma.

  3. If you read the College website as well as the College blog, you should be able to understand it.
    If any more doubts, please contact the principal; his number is on the College website.

  4. Whether this degree is eligible for writing competitive examinations like IAS & IPS?. Can we do Master’s in journalism after completing B.voc degree?

  5. Yea, this is like any other Bachelor degree; that is why it is designed by the UGC.
    And like any other degree -and condition-, it can be used as a minimum requirement for any exam – be it IAS, IPS, or Masters, not just Communication & Journalism – do any Post Graduate degree which does not require you to do the same subject at UG level (like to to MSc Physics, you need to have done BSc Physics; so BVoc/ BCom/ BCA or BSc Zoology won’t help. )

  6. Sir I’m a 2nd Pu Science student deeply disinterested in science and interested in film making. I have even done a short. Am I eligible for the course?

  7. Sure, you can PROVIDED you clear their entrance tests, GR, & interviews – if they have.
    Not just Mass Communication, but most Masters degrees subject to the above conditions. Only a few programs insist that you have studied their subject at the UG level.

  8. It depends on the College/ university offering the degree. At St Josephs College, BVoc come with i) Film Making & Visual Media, ii) Digital Media & Animation.

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