DU crisis: A course that has gone awry – The Hindu

Should our children (or youngsters!) study three years or four years Under Graduate programmes after Higher Secondary?
Delhi University thought it had finally found the answer, and no one could convince its Vice Chancellor.
He fought against every pressure; but students and teachers were not convinced. The ugly row over his four-year UG programme reached the Delhi High Court, the Parliament, and even the Supreme Court of India, and finally -peeved by UGC’s pressure on him to withdraw his plans- the Vice Chancellor resigned.

The University Vice Chancellor is only the second person in the country who thinks all our youngsters should spend four years in their University even if the entire country thinks otherwise.
When all but two Universities in the country refuse to implement such an ambitious plan, why do these two men insist on it? If most universities in the country agree to such a proposal, students would be safer in terms of studying Masters (whether it be one year or two year masters); but with just two universities bull-dozing their way, it would look, good of the students is not the motivating factor!

DU crisis: A course that has gone awry – The Hindu.


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