Resting with Amoebiasis

03 Aug. It is August. One just can’t believe how the time flies by! We started the College for this academic year just the other day (well, I mean in the first week of June)! Now it is mid-semester exam time. Students are busy sitting the exams (though our B.Voc. – Bachelor of Vocation- students of both streams like VMF – Visual Media and Film Making and DMA -Digital Media and Animation- are yet to feel the heat, since they started a few weeks later).

In the meantime, I had a break. After returning from Chennai (24-27 July) from a meeting of Jesuits in Higher Education, where I slept like a log, I still feel the fatigue. In fact, it is a lot more now than then. No doubt, I had to visit a physician.
What did the physician tell me? Just what I suspected: amoebiasis! The drugs are so heavy, that I am unable to keep awake even during a bright, sprightly day! And sleep no ends!
Hopefully, by the time exams get over on 06 August, I will be completely on my feet, ready to have a look at the answer scripts!


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