What is SJC Communication busy with?

31 Aug. Are you wondering what is happening at Bangalore’s St Joseph’s College Autonomous? Quite a lot! Probably, you just can’t complete reading.

So, let me restrict only to the Department of Communication:

Currently the Under Graduate (UG) students of Visual Communication (BVC) are busy preparing for their  annual national media fest: Allura! Mark your calendar: 5th & 6th September.The fest is full of fun and insight. The students have put their best foot forward. In preparation, they conducted a food fest – mostly overshadowed by the first years (though the seniors gave them a “run for their money”!)

Then the flash-mobs in the College and city-colleges. A lot more work on sponsoring and designing and printing. If you would see some of the promos they have created, you would understand what I mean! Crazy, in youth-lingo!

In between came Pratibha (the College, inter-class competition of talents), and the final year BVC retained the championship.

Then came the two-day Exodus by the CSA (Christian Student Association); it is over today. A massive initiative by students!

This week it is all the way Allura! We are waiting for some big Kannada film and TV stars, besides industry leaders.

Then on 19th September is CIME workshop. CIME is a UK-based Media NGO promoting ethics in media. On this World Media Ethics Day, our Bachelor of Vocation (B.Voc.) students will lead SJC as well as other college students and some industry into a meaningful discussion on Social Media, Data Security and Copy Right issues.

And then, on 27-28th November, the Post Graduate students of Mass Communication, will hold their annual national conference on globalisation and digitisation of media and challenges it faces. Hope to get some top national television personalities to grace the occasion. A lot more work is going on than I can say here.

Be with us. If you can, please do come!


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