Visit to Reuters Newsroom, Bangalore

18 Sept. This was my second visit to Reuters Bangalore Newsroom, and I loved it deeply.

With me were 22 of (of 32) my MS Comm-II students, only those keenly interested at Business Journalism.

Thanks to Richa, all the way from Hyderabad, for her kindness. Then there is Tresa Morera, who happens to be in Poland at this time. Sunaina was kind enough to receive us and introduce us to Mathew Veedon. Then on it was Mathew all the way. From 1.30pm to 6.15pm!

Besides all the business talk and demonstration, the professional atmosphere and the intense bursts of activity at every half-an-hour, the Reuters staff were deeply humane and courteously polite! Knowing fully well these 22 youngsters were students -still at the learning stage-, the Reuters staff generously and magnanimously spent their time and energy for us! For me: that stood out!

Sure, my students enjoyed the experience, and I enjoyed THAT; that made me proud, too! (:- They gave a very good account of themselves: be it awareness of the world around them (thanks to their regular newspaper reading habit!), plenty of questions showing keen interest in Reuters affairs and business journalism, and praiseworthy behaviour!


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