An open letter to Times of India – The Hindu

An open letter to Times of India – The Hindu. Another point of view Dear Times of India, There are times when one should keep quiet. If most of the online world is lambasting you, even if you think you’re right it wouldn’t hurt to introspect a little and wonder why people are reacting the way they are. Your response to Deepika Padukone’s fuming tweet and post on Facebook against your article on her, or more specifically on her breasts, is both shocking and unexpected. You could have chosen to apologise. Or you could have chosen to keep quiet. But by doing neither and by misunderstanding the issue entirely, you’ve only dug yourself deeper into a hole. You’ve started your article in Bombay Times (‘Dear Deepika, our point of view,’ Sept. 21) saying, “As one of the largest media houses in the world with interests in print, TV, radio and online, we approach each medium differently, as do our audiences. There isn’t a one-fits-all formula for either distributing or consuming content across various media.” It’s true that across media houses each 


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