Social Media, Data Security, and Copyright: Workshop

We keep 19 September as World Media Ethics Day. To do this meaningfully, we got in touch with Centre for International Media Ethics (CIME), London, UK. Milica of CIME was very encouraging. We, the Bachelor of Vocation [B.Voc (Visual Media and Film Making) and B.Voc (Digital Media and Animation)] of the Department of Communication at St Joseph’s College Autonomous, took the initiative to spread awareness concerning Media Ethics, first among ourselves and -then- among others.

What emerged was a huge success. Mr Na Vijayashankar (popularly known as Naavi), author and social media expert (who trains police in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu) and Mr M.D. Sharath, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Cyber Crime, Bangalore Police, came forward to carry forward the proceedings.

We were around 175 students of communication, with some more faculty members, lay persons, and students from other colleges. The three hour workshop brought to sharp focus the role of social media, risks involved in our data and potential dangers we pose to ourselves by the irresponsible use of media. And our youth came to life  with their questions and clarifications.

Here is a video capsule made by B.Voc (VMF) student Sreerag under the guidance of Mr Sathish Rajan and assisted by Mr Mervin of St Jospeh’s College Autonomous.

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