Catering to 300,000 visitors: My Blog

04 Oct. Seven years ago I did not think it would come thus far: catering to three hundred thousand visitors! A tiny, private blog being visited by three lakh people in search of something meaningful for them. And yet, here it is!

Back in 2006, I had two blogs on blogspot. The blogs were well visited. But due to its poor menu, I shifted to this platform -wordpress-, which I found quite fascinating back then. In addition, there was one more blog for my academic Department, too. I had requested my students to create their own blogs (and continue to encourage now too); some did, and a few continue to blog.

My blog is my personal take on the world around, primarily the media. But it has gone beyond media to politics, economics, education, religion, spirituality, culture, and above all right wing violence in my country and elsewhere. I have been posting a few photographs – though of late, I have reduced them to spare space and create ease in accessing the blog without much difficulty (in places where bandwidth is a problem).

This blog posts a lot of stuff from newspapers, television channels and social media – that which I find useful, both for myself, my students and my blog-visitors. A few of my students use my blog like a library and some even like their notes-desk!

When one of my teachers generously congratulated me comparing to his own new -but well-visited- blog that he could not tell more about his own blog since my ‘visitor-ship’ had gone much beyond he could think of, I felt quite flattered. During my Oxford days (October – December 2013), we had some sort of informal competition on updating 23 Things on their blogs; this blog gave me the edge – to be ahead of all other bloggers at Oxford!

Or when a few of Mangalore’s national daily bureaus as well as news websites quietly told me that they used the information I posted, for their news (mostly on College & student-related activities), I felt honoured. “Sure,” I had said, “please feel free to use!” Or when The New Indian Express showcased my blog for its opinions, and the correspondent called me to say that he had featured on the national page of the paper, I was exalted! When one of the newspapers from Bangalore called me (in Mangalore) to ask how I use social media for teaching -in the context of blogging- I felt embarrassed!

Or, when quite a few right wing people posted threatening comments or commercial interests posted their links on my blog for publicity, I was peeved; but knew the blog was something! And when Anand Nayak from Switzerland, died a tragic death in Delhi, and this blog broke the news, his long-time friend Francesca was led to this blog to know the unfortunate piece of news. And during my European tour, we made it a point to meet up in Paris. A friend for life!

And when I started giving SSLC, PUC, Degree examinations and results news, there was so much activity on this blog. Reporting on attacks by saffron brigade on christians and minorities also had its share of people finding good reporting. For now, Barka Dutt seems to be the favourite of my visitors (often with some grouse or vengeance against Barkha for her perceived “crusading” type of journalism). They post stinging comments against her; but if they are out of sheer personal animosity and hatred, they are immediately ‘spammed’!

Today, after nearly seven years this blog breaches the three hundred thousand mark of visitor activity. No big deal for a big, commercial website; but definitely for a hobby-blogger like me (who has his hands full with full time teaching, coordinating & heading departments, a bit of research, and a few other home-works). The three thousand mark is just a few clicks away – probably 60 more by the time I post this 3191st post. That is 3190 posts, 4712 tags, 140 regular “followers” (who receive my updates by emails without having to visit the blog), and  a lot more!

Do continue to support this little blog through your visits and comments. This blog will try to be as comprehensive, wide-ranging, accurate, and fair as possible. Am looking to be with you!


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