‘Wicked’ police: It’s not film industry’s creation, Mr Modi | Business Standard On The Beat

Narendra Modi has answers to everything, even to unasked questions! On Sunday he blamed films for creating a bad image of police in the country, as if Modi is as well-versed in watching films as he is on extreme right wing RSS and its affiliates!

Why can’t Modi just do some work? If he has to go abroad and create some sensation, let him do it as the exchequer’s cost! Nobody blames him, though we pay taxes for his travels. If he has to fake courage to dare Pakistan and China (who, anyway keep attacking or increasing their attacks on India even when their leaders sign business pacts with Modi), let him do that. But for God’s sake, not pretend to know everything or solve all the puzzles in the world and sell his ignorance! Better still, stop playing to the gallery! It doesn’t take five full years for people to throw their fake leaders! Indira Gandhi is a case in point.

And now, read:
'Wicked' police: It's not film industry's creation, Mr Modi | Business Standard On The Beat.

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