7th Bangalore International Film Festival

03 Dec. The seventh Bengaluru International Film Festival (BIFF) is just a day away. And I can’t wait any longer! This time I have done a bit of PR work and my students benefit (besides Yours Truly – of being a part of it – insider!)

I have been attending film festivals since 1999. That was International Film Festival Kerala. I loved it the way it was conducted. Then I started attending Pune International Film Festival. Then every small little film festival conducted by National Film Archive and Film & Television Institute of India in Pune. And then, I was teaching at St Aloysius College Mangalore, I ensured that I was actively involved. So did my students.

It was in 2008 that I took my Mass Communication students from St Aloysius College to Goa for International Film Festival of India – IFFI. We rented a house, cooked for ourselves, did all the house chores, watched films, upon our return in the late night, to the rented house, we cooked, ate and then discussed film with sleepy eyes! My students eagerly waited for me to say, ‘shall we call it a day?’!

That was fun, real fun! But that is it. Not the organisation of it! I have disliked the IFFI organisation immensely! Such a badly organised “sarkari” film festival! I have never seen or heard of any film “festival” restricting participants from watching movies at the fest! But IFFI does. Those years, it was five films per day; this year it was three films per day! Similarly the confusion that reigns supreme at the IFFI venue can be matched only by IFFI!

With the BIFF on the anvil, I am just waiting to see how better they conduct it – definitely, better than the sarkari IFFI! Some people told me as much! And this time, my students are actively involved as volunteers! I hope everything goes on well!


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