War of words: Smriti Irani, ToI battle it out on Twitter | Business Standard News

See what has become of this government which we elected with so much of zeal, hoping that the disillusionment suffered under UPA-II would pave the way for “acche din anewale hain” (good days ahead). But Modi’s acche din are bigger bluff than his hollow promises.
The Hindutva brigade simply refuses to learn a lesson in harmony, equality, and freedom.

Now one of their ministers (Human Resource Minister Ms Smriti Irani of the fake PhD fame) wants to cancel the holiday on Christmas in the name of Good Governance Day on 25th December! A circular has already been sent to schools (since education comes under this HRD Ministry) to this effect. When the Times of India leaked this secret letter, Smriti Irani forgot all decency and started attacking The Times of India! Will she declare Good Governance Day on Diwali or Ramzan? May be she will gradually, after attacking the miniscule minority Christians! That is the BJP’s agenda.
This BJP government led by Narendra Modi has been a huge disappointment, big risk to the country’s unity. Ever since Modi came to power, Hindu extremists outfits have been attacking Muslims and Christians all over the country. And Modi simply behaves worse than his predecessor Dr Manmohan Singh – pretend silence! In any other case not involving saffron right wing, Modi simply can’t stop talking! What a shame! God save our country!

War of words: Smriti Irani, ToI battle it out on Twitter | Business Standard News.

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