I, The Convert | Anand Mahadevan

India is dogged by conversion (also “reconversion”, though call it an eco-friendly “home-coming” or “ghar wapsi”!). Within the “conversion” narrative lie the lies of forced conversion by the right wing saffron brigade. And lies, literally – a singer called sing at a ‘cultural’ programme, and after the show was over, publicise it as ‘converted back’ to Hinduism!
When the marginalised embrace an institutionalised religion, they call it ‘forced conversion’, and ‘conversion by inducement’; but when they politically and physically force poor Christians and Muslim (and even literally bluff them), they say, ‘ghar wapsi’! Do only dalits (scheduled castes), tribals, poor, illiterate and ignorant embrace Christianity, or also those “enlightened” ones?

What does this grandson of a Brahmin priest say?

I, The Convert | Anand Mahadevan.


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