Soldiers of the Swastika

Many think the Indian Prime Minister is passionate about the country’s growth, development, harmony, etc. But when the communalists keep attacking minorities, indulge in forced (physical!) conversions (which they euphemistically call ‘ghar wapsi’ or ‘home coming’ as if the “Outcastes” were within the Hindu or caste fold! Else, how could the saffron brigade call them ‘outcastes’?) and intimidating the hapless, not to forget the attacks on youth and especially women their liberty.
Is Modi really any different from the communal right wing? Why does this compulsive speakre and an RSS cadre, who has answer to every asked and unasked question- keep quiet when the minorities are attacked all over the country? When there is a heated debate and demand from the Opposition for him to make a statement in the Parliament, why does he refuse to answer?
The RSS’ current fascist rhetoric is not surprising given its historical links to fascism in the 1930s, which have been established convincingly using authentic archival material. It is a legacy that Prime Minister Narendra Modi, as a pracharak for most of his life, identifies with and believes in. By A. G. NOORANI


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