A Visit to Mysore

12 Jan. When Ben, this time, my brother came from Mumbai, he was keen that I should accompany him to Mysore – roughly 144 km south of Bangalore. By European/American standards, 144km is no big deal; but by Indian standards, it is quite a long distance! Nearly three hours by a private car, and lot longer by a bus or train (except by a “super express” train which could take a little over two hours!)
This time my cousin was hospitalised, Ben told me. She has flown back from Uganda, where she has been there for the last ten years, and health had forced her to visit her home country!

I have been to Mysore a few times, some years ago – may be my last visit was 12-13 years ago! But it was always on some business visit. This time with my brother, in his car, and with no preoccupations.
I liked the boards on the way: welcome to Ramnagar, Silk City; welcome to Mandya, the Sugar City; welcome to Srirangapatna, the historical city! Some marketing finally!
Good roads, much better than Bengaluru roads!
Enjoyed the car-ride and my brother’s company; the neer dosa (water-dosa) with chicken gravy!
Met my cousin; we have a strange chemistry! Really strange! Enjoy pulling her legs! This time, it was she who started that! My brother was clueless what was going on between us! It’s nice to have some knotty sisters, isn’t it?

I did miss spending some time at the Mysuru palace, KRS dam, bird sanctuary, etc! Some of the historical places!
Missed visiting my former student! I only hope he does not read this!

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