Thinking of Delhi Elections

29 Jan. It is sad that in less than 13 months after exercising franchise for Legislative Assembly (and seven months after Parliamentary elections) Delhi’s people are forced to visit elections booths! It is not their fault – fault squarely lies with our politicians.
When AAP (Aam Aadmi or Common Man Party) nearly won a majority (well, it fell short by seven seats) in 2013 December, they were forced to accept support of the Congress. Kejriwal became Chief Minister. But he could not understand the difference between administration and activism! He resigned in 49 days flat!

Now one more election. This time, Kiran Bedi, the former police officer and AAP member, is a part of their right wing rivals BJP! The very party she ridiculed 10-12 months ago, is her final (? Can never be sure of these politicians!)resort! She is the BJP’s Chief Ministerial candidate.

It looks, Bedi is counting her chicken before they are hatched! Her sudden entry and immediate nomination as CM candidate has divided the BJP itself! So, the self-imposed custodians of Hinduism, the RSS are now campaigning for the BJP! Will they pull the carpet under AAP’s Kejriwal?
Going by public sentiment, people have forgotten the 49-day activism of Arvind Kejriwal; they feel he is much more mature now, and are behind him once again. So much so, and surprisingly, Narendra Modi has kept himself away from campaign! It looks the BJP has no hopes of a winning. Neither do I! With Congress tacitly supporting AAP and people responding to Kejriwal’s brand, Delhi is geared up to have Kejriwal for a second and more mature term of administration.
And if that happens, Delhi should be second-time-lucky!

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