Boycotting Times Now

The Indian 24×7 English news channel Times Now just refuses to stop amusing me! Yesterday, while surfing or rather looking for a particular English news channel, by mistake, I happened to pause for a while on Times Now. The anchor was crying, ‘Rahul Gandhi is missing! Nobody knows where he is!! But Times Now knows something!!!’
Thanks! Off to next channel!
Now there is one more thing about the same screeming channel. Read
On Feb. 23, Kavita Krishnan, secretary, All India Progressive Women’s Association, posted on Facebook that she and fellow activists Vrinda Grover and Kavita Srivastava, had refused to appear on Times Now for a panel discussion on the alleged sexual harassment case against TERI DG RK Pachauri. “We’re doing this in protest because we believe the News Hour programs systematically incited violence against people’s movement activists by branding them as ‘anti-national’.” Krishnan was referring to the Feb. 17 News Hour show on a Greenpeace activist stopped from going to London.


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