Church attacked in Deralakatte, Mangalore

25 Feb. When the St Joseph Vaz Church personnel woke up in the morning on 25 February, the first thing they saw was a vandalized grotto of Mother Mary and Infant Jesus, in Deralakatte near Mangalore.
St Joseph Vaz Church is a famous church in Mangalore – because it happens to be a pilgrimage centre dedicated to St Joseph Vaz (Blessed Fr Joseph Vaz was canonised, or declared Saint in early January by Pope Francis in Sri Lanka).

The shrine is held in high esteem by the locals as well as many people of various faiths from different parts of the country. The shrine also has a ‘holy well’, a grotto, a novena with solemn celebration in the first week of December.

Deralakatte is about 14-15 km south-east of Mangalore town, towards Kerala border. Mangalore university is situated closer to Deralakatte (in a place called Konaje); Infosys has set up a huge campus nearby.
The act was committed in the night of 24 February.

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