Film Censor Board – Words of caution

In February 2015, Central Board of Film Certification (India) issued a list of cuss words banned from using in films in India. It turned out be that it was the over-zealous chairman’s ambition to please the Prime Minister, who had appointed him chairman, that led to his championing this list! It may be recalled that the main reason why the saffron champion Pahlaj Nihalani came to be the chairman of CBFC was that he had made a seven-minute propaganda film “Har har Modi, ghar ghar Modi” on Narendra Modi for his electoral campaign! Otherwise, his fame lies only in producing a few romantic pot-boilers made in bollywood, which does not require! For his directorial credit he has only a forgettable Avataar, which has not seen the light of day!

After the huge outrage in the public domain, and protest by some of the members of CBFC, the list was withdrawn. It then emerged that the list was prepared by Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MIB), and Pahlani simply took it upon himself to propagate it without even consulting his colleagues.
To the consternation of the Chairman, MIB minister for State Rathore clarified that it was not necessary to have such a list! In public, the Minister championed the cause of freedom of artistic expression and the cause of Bollywood! Now, what do you call that?

Words of caution – The Hindu.
For a bio on Pahlaj Nihlani,


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