Paradox of the year-end

16 March. When anything comes to an end, usually we tend to relax; the timeline tends to get a bit more lenient; muscles loosen up, and head rests a bit more easy. Doesn’t it?
But in teaching, that does not seem to hold good. When the end of a semester/term/ academic year approaches, things get tighter. Pressure mounts and you seem to see only work around you!

It is not different this year at St Joseph’s College, Bengaluru, either. Time table, work, pressure and all the rest seem to be a bit too tight. I wonder, if I could do this and that and this way and that way!
Just a week more and the academic year is over! But not before a few extra commitments are accepted, with the difficulty of saying no!
How nice if it were possible to clean up the dictionary of the words like ‘OK’, ‘surely’, ‘will do’, ‘why not’, etc! Or, if it were to possible to close my eyes and say, let it be the way it progresses! There would be too many people happy, at least for the time-being!

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