Project viva with industry experts

20 March. This time I had the privilege of inviting someone from the industry whom I admire so much: Joshi Mark. I had met him during the Animation and Gaming Summit held in Bangalore in February 2015. I attended one of his lectures on Gaming. I liked it immensely. Had decided then and there, that I would make use of his expertise for our students.
And there it was – the chance to invite.
This time our Bachelor of Visual Communication needed an expert for their project viva, and the Department was wondering whom to invite for this specialisation in Animation and Graphics. That is where my colleagues requested me. And there was that name: Joshi Mark.
Joshi was kind to consent; he has worked as an academic establishing a Gaming school, and then a company.
So, when he came, that is all I wanted: to inspire the students, not just evaluate. He did just the same! At the end of the exam, I asked one of my students, how it was. She was quick to tell me, at the end of the viva she felt her project was not that great. But the viva was brilliant, and a learning experience. She told me that she especially liked the feedback she received from the expert!

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