Now, another vandalised in BJP-ruled Madhya Pradesh

In Narendra Modi-led India, the violent attacks on minorities, dalits and women have escalated manifold. Modi, who was on a winning spree following his spectacular victory in Parliamentary elections in April-May 2014, had proved unconquerable, winning successive state Assembly elections, too.
That was till a tiny Arvind Kejriwal halted Modi’s run. A big reason was the increasing number of attacks on Christian schools and churches at the heart of power – Delhi, right under the nose of Narendra Modi. Only then, did Modi make a statement condemning attacks (though he did not specify the minority victims or majority culprits)
There was a lull after that – for a brief period. Now, again, the attacks have picked up momentum. It looks, the anti-social elements were just gathering momentum. The latest -after the gang-rape of a 71-year old nun in West Bengal- is vandalising a Catholic school in Madhya Pradesh – in the Central India, a state ruled by the BJP.
22 March.
Church Attacked in Jabalpur, Christians Threaten to Shut Schools if Attackers Not Caught

BHOPAL: Members of a Hindu religious group allegedly vandalised a church in Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh late on Friday night where a Bible convention was being held. There were around 200 tribals present at the time of the incident; they had come to the church for the convention from Mandla District.

According to church authorities, the men had a heated argument after which they created ruckus in the premises and broke flower pots.

But the the attackers claim there was no vandalism. “We went to the church after we got to know that a religious conversion ceremony is been organised there in the name of Bible convention. Otherwise, why were so many tribals called there?” said Yogesh, a member of the Hindu Dharma Sena.

PM Modi ‘Deeply Concerned’ About Nun’s Gang-Rape, Church Attack; Seeks Immediate Report
A police case was registered against unknown people on Saturday after a complaint by church authorities. The Christians have threatened to close all missionary schools and colleges in Jabalpur on Monday if police does not take any action.

“If the perpetrators of this crime are not punished, we will close all the Christian schools in the area,” said Denzel Paul, a leader of the Christian community.

“We have registered a case against unknown people after a complaint by Christian community,” said Isha Pant, Assistant Superintendent of Police, Jabalpur.

While the Christians deny the allegations made by Hindu Dharma Sena, a few tribals claim they had come to the church to convert. “We came here to convert to Christianity,” said Satish, a tribal from Sirhora village who attended the convention.

The three-day Bible convention concludes tomorrow.

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