Karnataka PUC and SSLC Examinations and Results

02 April. It is summer in India – heat is up. While some students are freed from one type of heat (12th standard/ Higher Secondary) of examinations, their juniors (Secondary/ 10th Standard/ SSLC) are still braving it – just a few exams/papers are up, and few more are coming up.

While the Higher Secondary or PUC or 12th standard students are now running around either for coaching to prepare themselves for medical/ engineering or trying to get into some other much-in-demand-bachelor programmes like B.Com, BBA/BBM, BVC/Visual Communication in some prestigious colleges, the SSLC students that extra worry of finding a good junior college/Composite college to join for science streams which will in turn offer them better prospects of MBBS, B.E., B.Com,BVC, etc. That’s a vicious circle!
Accordingly, the searches on this blog are more specific : visitors looking for Karnataka SSLC and PUC have increased!
Never mind, I will keep you informed and leading you to useful sites concerning results!

Most of the Colleges open their admissions only after results are declared of these lower standards: SSLC and PUC in early May. This is very true of St Aloysius College Autonomous, (SAC) Mangalore and St Joseph’s College Autonomous (SJC)) Bangalore (as well as SJCC)

But remember: applications have been pouring in droves! You check the respective college web sites, and act accordingly! For Under Graduate & Post Graduate programmes, you need not wait for your final semester exams to get over; you could very well apply with you preliminary (12th standard) / or previous semester examination marks, or whatever marks are legitimately available. Please don’t wait for final results to come to apply!
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