Fr Ronnie turns 75

09 April. Who doesn’t know Fr Ronnie Prabhu SJ? At least in Karnataka?
He celebrated his Platinum jubilee today. Rather, we celebrated 75 years of his affectionate life at Ashirvad, Bangalore.
The affable Jesuit priest who was ordained in 1970, has been always in some or the other positions of authority and responsibility – as Director of some works, as superior, Rector, Provincial or something similar!
The man who completed his Masters from Karnatak University Dharwad without an Under Graduate degree, has been a brilliant student all his life.
One of his favourite projects has been inter-religious dialogue, for which he has worked tirelessly!Fr Ronnie

2 thoughts on “Fr Ronnie turns 75

  1. Farewell Fr. Ronnie . You have touched my family and myself with your loving concern for each of us. We will miss you. Please continue to watch over all of us from above.

  2. This is sad news for us who have moved with and been in touch with a great soul – Fr Ronald N Prabhu (Fr Ronnie to most).

    Much can be said but this is just to inform that this great soul a visionary and dynamic leader has been called to his Maker. This is a big blow for all of us who knew and loved him but he went “with his boots on” as he always wanted to be working till the end, for all he stood for and believed.
    No he has not died but lives on in Christ.

    Those who viewed the body at the premise from 8 am onwards for all his well wishers who could make it early. Many came from far and wide (Mysore, Belgaum, Mangalore, Hubli, Dharwad, Chikmagalur, Anekal, etc. the 20th Aug Mass was concelebrated by Bangalore Archbishop Rev Dr Bernard Moras, and other Bishops from many parts of Karnataka, and many other priests secular and Jesuits. Many could not come due to transportation inavailability at short notice but have sent their condolences from all over Karnataka, Goa, Mumbai, Nagaland, Canada, USA, etc. Bishops and priests and friends from other denominations (Jacobites, Orthodox, Mar Thoma, SDA, CSI, CNI, Methodist, AGs, FCCO, Believers Church, Lutherans, Baptists & others) ; people from other faiths (Hindus, Muslims, Jains, Parsis, Buddhists, Ba’hais, freethinkers, etc) had also participated in prayer for him, besides the overflowing chapel and adjoining halls and verandahs, isles, and even part of the grounds. Truly, it was an ecumenical and inter-religious gathering as Fr Ronnie would have always liked and lived for in his earthly life and now in eternal life. He would have smiled in appreciation and love from where he is – thrilled that all Gods children have come together in prayer.

    Tributes went on and on and finally respect to his mortal remains were seen as the groundswell of sincere people filed past- wishing the family and being wished too as he (Fr Ronnie) was their family too.

    We are too shocked to feel the impact clearly which will take some time. His family gathered to wish him farewell but were devastated by the sudden loss. We will all miss him and trust that the lessons learned from him to seek God in all and love as He (God) loves, and leave the rest to Him (God) will remain and blossom for the better, greater good of all humankind.

    Keith D Cunha (old associate and friend)

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