Change of leadership at St Joseph’s College

Change is not the most pleasant thing to happen in the world. But it definitely could be useful. And institutions have benefited immensely from change – take it from Infosys, Tata, or anybody else for that matter.

St Joseph’s College autonomous, Bangalore, has climbed great heights over the last 132 years – thanks to the dynamic and intellectual principals like Fr Celil Saldanha, Fr Devasahayam, Fr Joseph Nelapathy, and Fr Ambrose Pinto – all known for their outstanding intellectual calibre. SJC, during their tenure, established itself a premier institution of higher education in the country. They were not just able to maintain the College, but also inspire the staff and students to greater, to the higher, the more. And the staff and students responded to that.

Now that job of inspiring and leading from the front has come to Victor Lobo SJ. Victor has been principal of St Joseph’s Evening College; before that he was principal of St Aloysius College Harihar, and before that vice principal of St Aloysius Pre University College Mangalore.
Here is wishing him good luck, meaningful team work, and truly an open and educational collaboration.

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