Media and Indian Government playing with Nepal tragedy?

Here I copy-paste from Teesta Setalvad’s Facebook post. She was responding to Nimish Srivastava -who was caught up in Nepal earthquake but returned safe- Facebook post. Nimish’s post was actually shared by Shreyas, which caught Teesta’s attention.

Nimish’ first-hand-account post said,
“We are safely back to India. Thanks to Indian forces for working tirelessly and saving us and shame on Indian media. They are not there not to cover the tragedy but collect testimonials for the Indian government and Narendra Modi. Shame on BJP, shame on ANI, and ABP News.

“ABP News is spreading lies. Their correspondent in Nepal asked Indian people to shout Modi Modi… in fact people at airport were scared and crying and said nobody has reached them. ABP News is showing that part.The correspondent selectively asked questions about Modi and of course a person is saved , he/she will talk…”

Shreyas posrted this and said,
“This fb post of an Indian rescued from Nepal shows that such tragedy is also used for marketing! I watched interviews of rescued Kannadigas in few Kannada news channels who were all mentioning Modi’s name deliberately. Now I understand that it is the marketing strategy through paid media. What a shame!”

Teesta Setalvad shared Shreyas SP’s post.
“The duisgusting thing about this regime is that they will literally grab credit (ven when its not forthcoming) for what has been happening for decades — like the bon homie, the lived secularism, the discipline of our Armed forces and easily shrug off the dirt and filth being spewed in the public domain by their own, the likes of Sakshi Maharash, the Sadhvis they ve put in the august body of Parliament, the Gioriraj what ;s his name not to mention then FM and the man who is now PM himseld who stand for petty vendetta and vindictiveness.. As dear friend RB Sreekumar uused to say of Gujarat…we have an undeclared Emergency!!’ with a brute majority of 292!!!!! Time for the Resistance to effectively build….”

Now, you say, what this disaster politics is and dirty media game is!

2 thoughts on “Media and Indian Government playing with Nepal tragedy?

  1. Hey I was going through this post. I thought Nimish Srivastava made the comment in facebook. I couldnot find a person named Nimish Srivastava in facebook who made such a post. I am doubting its authenticity.

  2. Hello, I checked again, Nimish Srivatsava’s commente exist. The comments were posted on 26 April. Shreyas SP comments on it. I re-checked and found it to exist.

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