States should act against communal incidents: Rajnath – The Hindu

The Narendra Modi-led right wing saffron government is feeling the heat. Initially, the compulsive talker Modi kept a stoic silence about the hundreds of attacks on Churches, any place of worship, on Muslims, women, and tribals. Even when media and the Opposition asked him, Modi behaved as if he had a hearing-difficulty. But he kept talking big about foreign investment, smart cities, digitisation, and all the big talk and those repeatable one-liners for the masses! The man spent hundreds of crores of rupees on foreign trips in less than six months – probably no Prime Minister had spent in a five-year term! Then when all his talk did not bear fruit in actual investment, and a few foreign powers even criticised Modi directly for his hypocrisy on intolerance.

Poor Modi had no choice but to bite the bullet. Even when his soul, the communal outfit and mother of the ruling party BJP, the RSS continued to make inflammatory statements against minorities, Modi and his right and left hand (Finance Minister Arun Jaitely and Home Minister Rajnath Singh, respectively) had to call spade a spade! Much against the displeasure of the RSS and their baby-outfits – the VHP, ABVP, and a number of other groups. A good example is Sadhvi Prachi of VHP and Sakhshi Maharaj, a member of the Parliament making communally highly explosive statements! Even when the duo and their followers keep making such stupid statements, the minister triumvirate is doing the fire-fighting at the national and international level! Just to get the nod of Obama and a few other business houses (for investment!) What a sad state of affairs, for India!

A point to be noted is the double talk Rajnath Singh always employs – asks for communal tolerance and speaks of anti-conversion law (but not violenct & forced Ghar Wapsi of VHP against the minorities!) To be expected from the right wing government!

States should act against communal incidents: Rajnath – The Hindu.

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