Prasar Bharati CEO Jawhar Sircar lashes out at Rajdeep Sardesai |

Prasar Bharati CEO Jawhar Sircar lashes out at Rajdeep Sardesai |

MUMBAI: Prasar Bharati CEO Jawhar Sircar has taken veteran journalist Rajdeep Sardesai to task on the social networking site Facebook, where he has posted a lengthy message in response to Sardesai’s comments on the public broadcaster at a recent book launch. Rajdeep-Sardesai-interview01Sardesai reportedly took pot shots at Prasar Bharati while talking about the challenges faced by the news and views industry. In response, Sircar wrote, “For quite some time ever since DD and AIR has improved a bit, I find furious agitation in the media because we were taken as dead and gone. Recently, for instance, I was disappointed to see Rajdeep swirling a bit too heady. Not good for health: after all, he’s my respected senior, Bhaskar Ghose’s jamai.” Jawhar SircarSircar stated that he had to tell Sardesai and other well-off media friends that the passionate defence of India’s plurality is not a monopoly of some media crusaders. They have made it big and acquired the comfort of the solvency of several crores. “Good for them, but one cannot bracket all in DD or Prasar Bharati or IAS as inefficient cartoons. That would include Rajdeep’s father-in-law as well.” For the record, Bhaskar Ghose, whose daughter Sagarika is married to Sardesai, was the former director general of Doordarshan. “There are other poor souls like us who have led a straight but bold life in government and remain very much a part of the struggling middle class. We have no such financial security, but still fight every day against powerful forces, for our non-negotiable values. We may not succeed all the time, but we don’t flaunt our so-called ideology around,” he added. Sircar further challenged, “Why don’t some big mouths, fat wallets and starry statuses in the media take up my job in Prasar Bharati at Rs 59,000 per month, a car and a flat, instead of running after multiples of crores? Try managing 30,000 government employees with unions and sarkari work culture, along with some 20,000 other casual hands. After all, we have thousands of installations to manage and be responsible for, not one fancy studio.” “Try catering to the politics of aggression every day as well as corruption, internal opposition and sabotage, try handling some scurrilous rags that defame you morning and evening, instead of lecturing the world about what’s wrong with it and giving quotable for banner headlines. Try it and maybe some would acquire a much-needed virtue of humility. They may then appreciate the other’s plight, for pursuing the mistaken ideals, like serving the nation for a pittance compared to media heads or corporate czars,” he wrote. “I refuse to be target practice for their arrows, for the sins of other crafty babus who are wrecking the country. I have said and written about, and fought against these mafia, when many of these whiz kids were in school. These nefarious babus do so in broad daylight, irrespective of which political party is in power: they can suck up to any. And they are richer than Rajdeeps! So, please try to earn your living in the media by exposing these rotten elements in government and stay away from the fury of the upright,” the post read. He concluded by thanking all his friends for their overwhelming support. “I like Rajdeep, but enough is enough. We do not fight against the tyranny of corrupt politicians and babus to succumb to the arrogant media stars or to manipulative merchants and their stranglehold on all systems. Buzz off brothers, preferably to North Korea or some other backward unchallenged Sultanate,” he said.

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