Twitter lashes out at Modi for saying countrymen ashamed till a year ago, Cong says ‘proud of India’

  • by Abhishek Saha, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • |

  • Updated: May 19, 2015 20:38 IST

Narendra Modi addresses Indian community at a reception in Shanghai

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s remarks in China and South Korea about Indians being ashamed of being born in the country before his government came to power triggered one of Twitter’s top trends, the hashtag #ModiInsultsIndia, on Tuesday.

“Earlier, you felt ashamed of being born Indian,” Modi was quoted by The Hindu as saying during an interaction with the Indian community in Shanghai on Saturday. “Now you feel proud to represent the country. Indians abroad had all hoped for a change in government last year.”

Modi echoed the same idea when he addressed a gathering of Indians in Seoul on Monday. “There was a time when people used to say we don’t know what sins we committed in our past life that we were born in Hindustan. Is this any country, is this any government…we will leave,” he said, speaking in Hindi.

“There was a time when people used to leave, businessmen used to say we can’t do business here. These people are ready to come back. The mood has changed.”

These comments evoked a strong reaction from Twitterati, some of whom criticised the Prime Minister for “insulting” his own country. By late Tuesday morning, #ModiInsultsIndia had garnered more than 38,000 tweets.

Twitter user @joginderrawat wrote, “Modi is the first PM who feel insulted being Indian at abriad (sic). Indian felt proud always being an Indian.”

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