A degree that opens doors to 10 awesome careers

Posted on May 16, 2015 by Sunil Saxena in Media schools mass communications degree

This is that time of the year when millions of Plus II students wonder which course to pursue. Should it be the time-tested disciplines of engineering, medicine and law?

Should it be the standard vanilla courses in English Literature, History and Sociology? Or should it be new and fancy programmes like forensic sciences, fashion design and social media?

Each programme has its value, and relevance. However, much depends upon your interest, desires and aspirations.

And, let’s not forget employability. You study to acquire knowledge and skills that make you industry ready.

You also need to do a course that opens up job opportunities.

This is where a degree in media has an edge on all other undergraduate degrees. The media graduates get ready for not one, not two but ten awesome careers.

Career 1
Print Journalism: The newspapers in India are still going strong. They are highly respected brands and offer great career opportunities. You can start as a reporter or copy editor and rise to the top. The minimum eligibility is B.A in Mass Communications.

Career 2
Digital Photography: If you love photography and if you want to be in the thick of action, then this is the career for you. As a news photographer, you not only see history being made but also get an opportunity to capture it. You can also join an advertising agency and make a name for yourself as a product photographer.

Career 3
Radio: A graduation degree in mass communication readies you for an RJ’s job. All that you need is a good voice, wit and the ability to think on your feet. You will be a very valuable Radio Jockey with a wide following.

Career 4
Television Journalism: There are multiple careers waiting for journalism graduates. You can become a star reporter or a celebrity anchor if you love being in front of the camera. Those who want less sedate jobs can join television newsrooms as Editors and shape news telecasts.

Career 5:
Advertising: This is a field for the creative minds. You can write ad copy that stays in people’s minds for generations; you can plan and execute campaigns and convince corporate clients of why they should give their advertising campaign to you. It’s a high voltage career, and offers several high paying jobs.

Career 6:
Public Relations: There was a time when few ventured into this field. Today, it has evolved into an exciting career that pays great salaries, and provides immense satisfaction. You not only create a positive image for your company but also work closely with the CEO and top managers in doing so.

Career 7
Web Journalism: This is a new career that beckons mass communication graduates. It demands a new kind of writing and editing skills, and is immensely suited for those graduates who love to spend time on the net. The web, like print, too needs both reporters and copy editors.

Career 8
Social Media: This is a career for the new generation that lives on Social Media Platforms. If you spend 12 to 14 hours on Facebook, Twitter and you Tube then you must do a quick graduation in mass communications, and build a career in social media. The highest number of jobs are being created in Social Media. What’s more, they are highly paying jobs too.

Career 9
Event Management: This is yet another career where there are more jobs than trained graduates. A degree in mass communication prepares you to get into this exciting world.

Career 10
Film-making: This is for the brave, and the imaginative. You can scale intoxicating heights or disappear without a trace. So, you need to be careful when getting into the fickle world of films. Once again, a degree in mass communications can make you a dream merchant.

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