Connecting alumni/nae with the greenhorns-2

12 June. Today is the fifth day of the Newslab – six day workshop at St Josephs College Autonomous, Bangalore.

It was indeed highly encouraging and flattering to see the progress in their news-writing by the students. I was very comforted.

The fruit of the hard work by DDF (my former student) and Sudipto, D. Kartikeyan (former The Hindu special correspondent and currently a PhD Scholar at the University of Edinburgh), Nikhil and Srividya. Their inputs were tremendous – straight from their field experience, peppered by their SJC learning.

I was especially gladdened by my former students pouring in during the last four days – beginning with Derek, Vaibhav, Mark, Priyanka Sachidananda, Varun Venkatesh, Pawan, Kashif Iqbal, and Joshua. Just a “hi” makes so much of difference! Both to me and to my students.

Waiting to see other alumni/nae on Saturday!


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